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Several Whitewater Rafting Trips To Choose From!

North Santiam Whitewater Rafting

May 2016 - September 2016
  • Full Day Tour!
  • Enjoy World Famous Rivers
  • Riverside Lunch
  • Oregon's Best Whitewater

Deschutes Whitewater Rafting

March 2017 - October 2017
  • Get OuTside the City
  • Enjoy World Famous Rafting Destination
  • Create Lasting Memories
$555 - $645

McKenzie River Whitewater Rafting

May 2017 - September 2017
  • Get Outside the City
  • Enjoy Beautiful Forested River
  • Amazing meals
  • Create Lasting Memories

Scenic River Rafting Expeditions 

Create the ideal whitewater river rafting trip for your family or group! From day trips to extended multi-day expeditions, our Oregon river rafting trips offer the opportunity for you to row your own raft or kayak, or to be a passenger relaxing in one of our boats. With amazing outdoor meals, riverside campsites, fishing, hiking and massive amounts of fun, these Cascadia Expeditions are made just for you!

Oregon River Rafting

The rugged Northwest is home to several wild and scenic rivers. Magnificent views, deep majestic canyons, plentiful wildlife and rushing rapids. Our Oregon river rafting expeditions are perfect for families, groups, first-timers and experienced paddlers alike.  You can choose from several itineraries and destinations and trip planning will revolve around you.  Cascadia Expeditions offers several different options for your river rafting adventure.

Multiday rafting trip Warm Springs to MaupinOregon Whitewater Rafting Options:

All trips can be customized for your group or organization. Give us a call with any questions!